Friday, February 11, 2011

Text Valentine's Day

Another romantic round of Valentine's Day text messages for all the love birds out there.

True love is when
U feel the world only matters
when U R 2gether
Happy Valentine's Day!

Heaven is every second
I feel your LOVE
Heaven happens whenever
I say I Love You!

I don't care if Monday's black,
Tuesday Wednesday heart attack,
Thursday never looking back,
it's Friday I'm in love
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is CRAZY
Love is SWEET
U R however
& u make my heart
go WILD!

I know your game girl
U like 2 play hard 2 get
& break a Playaz swagger
I love you with all my heart!

Thanks for the Roses!
U just made my day,
my week, my month
my year! I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day Darling!

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