Thursday, July 23, 2009

God will never leave you empty text message

God will never leave you empty
if something is taken away
HE will replace it with
something better

If HE denies your request
its bcoz HE wants to give YOU
the BEST!

Why Text Messaging? Why bother with SMS?

Text Messaging is now a sport! A really addictive hobby for teens and for bored grandparents. It surely gets the short and curt (or even sweet message) to the receiver. Most mobile phones nowadays have adapted its interface to other texting options opened up by the web like twitter!

If you're not really into texting or the the short message phenomenon, maybe its time you stop living under a rock and get in sync with this new form of communication. It won't hurt to try it for awhile! In fact, you might come to enjoy it!

On my end, maybe its time to rest my sore fingers:)