Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SMS TXT: New Year Text Messages

SMS TXT: Best for 2010!

As U enjoy catching up w friends & family
about the year gone by,
i would just like to say
HAPPY NEW YEAR! The best is yet to come!


SMS TXT: New Year Family Greeting!

Celebrate the JOY
that comes with each passing year
May u have lasting happiness
and enjoy life to the fullest
On behalf of my family,
I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

SMS TXT: Break the New Year rules!

2010 is @ the Door
Remember Life is short
break the rules,
Forgive quickly,
love truly,
laugh ur heart out
& never regret anything
look forward to tomorrow


SMS TXT: Dreams into Reality in 2010!

Unfold new horizons
turn all your dreams into reality
& all your efforts
into great achievements

I wish all members of ur family
health, luck and happiness in 2010!


SMS TXT: A New Year unfolds!

A New Year unfolds
Renew ur hopes & aspirations
Every best wish for the year ahead
Happy New Year to you & your loved ones!

SMS TXT: Season of Xmas Traditions

This season gives us a chance
to pass on traditions,
honor our faith,
to share memories
with the people in our lives

Have a memorable Merry Xmas!


Great gifts are not found in any store
The best present is stored in the hearts of friends
It is unlimited & bears no expiry date.
Have a Great Christmas!!!


Just thinkin' that I have a person like u
in my life, it makes me feel truly grateful!
All the best for U & ur luv ones this Christmas!


Underneath a Xmas Tree is my gift of hope, peace and joy.
A Blessed Christmas to U and Ur Family!


At Christmas laugh and give good cheer,
for Christmas comes but once a year.
Merry Christmas! ** (^_^) **


This is the time that we share our love and blessings
to our friends and family,
giving hope and spreading goodness to one another,
May we celebrate this Christmas in peace and harmony
and bless us all till the year ends. Merry Xmas to U all!

A lot of txt msgs have been sent 2nite,
but the difference in mine is that I consider U
my friend as one of the best Xmas gifts I received
this year and one that I'll be thankful forever.
Also that's aside from the fact that I wrote this myself.
Merry Christmas!


God will give U what U ask for,
Or something far better
Keep praying, but be thankful
that His answers are wiser than
your prayers! Merry Christmas!


SMS TXT: Merry Christmas messages!

SMS TXT: Every Day!

Every day is a day to luv
to give luv
to share luv
to receive luv

Everyday is Christmas!


SMS TXT: Christmas Indulgence!

The most wonderful time of the year
is the best excuse to indulge in LOVE
and 2 indulge in ME!

Merry Xmas Luv!


SMS TXT: Laugh and Love message!

May ur xmas be filled with
awe and excitement
don't 4get 2 laugh & luv
Give ur JOY to all those dear
this holiday season!

SMS TXT: Lotsa Gifts!

The season brings
lots of gifts,
lots of things,
that fill our heart's desire
sharing, giving, loving
makes gifts more meaningful!

Merry Christmas!

SMS TXT: Christmas Txt Messages

SMS TXT: U Must Luv Me!

once again the spirit of xmas
is in the air & the holidays are on!
hope u don't forget in this xmas rush
of must-gives and must-haves
the only one you-must-truly LOVE!

Merry Xmas Sweetheart!


SMS TXT: Hold U Tight!

You are my guilty pleasure
my source of holiday cheer
if i hold u tight
wld u just might
kiss me closer dear!

Miss U! See u later!


SMS TXT: Overseas Txt Message

Miles apart we may be
our love will keep us closer
and will tide us over the holiday weather

Miss U much!
how about a Christmas kiss well-deserved?
pls text back


SMS TXT: Kinky Christmas Message

this text entitles u to a sweet kiss
under the mistletoe
text back & u get more tongue

Merry Kinky Xmas!


SMS TXT: Christmas Message to a Glutton

Go easy on the Christmas food
Go easy on the booze
Xmas is about sharing and giving
and not hoarding all the goods

Merry Xmas Dear!

SMS TXT: New Year Txt Messages

SMS TXT: Blessings in Abundance

And God is able to provide you
with every blessing in abundance
so that you may always
have enough of everything
and may provide in abundance
every good work
- 2 Corinthians 9:8

Happy New Year!


SMS TXT: Turn a new leaf in 2009

Shed ur old image
turn a new leaf
Welcome 2009
with open arms!
God Bless U

I wish u
more luv & success!


SMS TXT: Healthy Reminder for the New Year!

The past year
quit smoking?
quit drinking?
go on a diet?
stay fit?
or learn something new?

were these
last year's resolutions?
Its about time to make 'em happen in 2009!
Happy New Year!


SMS TXT: Success in the coming New Year!

let d new year unfold
& bring you & ur family
peace, luv, happiness
4U my dear friend
nothing but success!


SMS TXT: Gimme some Luv

Stay true dis 2009
coz ur so fine n special
txt me bak girl,
coz luv dont cost a thang
coz luv means everythang
gimme some luv


SMS TXT: First to Greet in 2009

lemme b d 1st
to greet ya dis 2009
blessings of prosperity & Luv
all for you
God Bless!


SMS TXT: Well Wishes

Well wishes 4 2009
12 Months of Love,
52 Weeks of Joy,
365 Days Great Sex,
8760 Hours Stamina,
52600 Mins Lust,
3153600 Seconds Passion

SMS TXT 2 LUV: Heart Beats

2005 Luv @ 1st sight
2006 the heart grows fonder
2007 Heart breaks
2008 cardiac arrest
2009 wld U make my heart beat again?
I can't live without U

SMS 2 LUV: best way to luv someone

sumtyms the best way to luv someone
is 2 txt ur way to her heart
Dis is my 1st txt to U
millions more 2 come sweetie
i miss u