Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Excuse for Absence and for Being Late SMS messages

Running late? Unable to make it to a meeting? Absent for work? Ditching your friends, send these SMS to ease your situation and cut you loose from commitments.

Hi Jim
I'm unable
2 make it 2day


Hello Mia
Pls note I will not be
at the meeting
so much 2 do here


I would be there
if I could.
but work calls
and a nagging boss
is hard to shake off


If time permits
I'll show up
but right now
sorry can't commit.


Sign me UP
4 a MAYBE,
Yup a Maybe,
let's see if my sched
works out
and we'll talk


No dice
2 much on my plate
hope u understand
still goodluck


Sorry I'll be absent
2 day, pls let everyone
know and don't wait up
4 me. Thanks


Start ur meeting
without me
I won't make it
just text me how it goes


SORRY 2 disappoint U
but I'm not going 2 B there
today. I know. BUMMER.
I really want 2 B there
but some things got
in the way. LONG STORY.
I'll fill u in later


I'm in a tough spot ryt now
keep me posted
can't make it


Stuck in traffic
lemme know how it works out
I won't make it on time
my apologies

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love SMS for Valentine's Day

Spread the Love SMS for Valentine's Day! Let your sweetheart know how special this day is!

If U love someone,
you'll make every day
feel like Valentine's Day!
So where are my roses,
my chocolates, my love letters,
and my kisses?

Give the world
the love & light of your heart
Some people are just too lonely
Valentine's Day!
but if U reach out
One does not need 2 feel alone
So please text me ASAP!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Make me a meal filled with LOVE
Make me a cake of your kisses
Thank you 4 making me
feel full of LOVE
on Valentine's Day! BURP!

Thank you honey
for making my life better
I miss U
& I would not let this day pass
without a KISS & a HUG!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Today would be the best
Valentine's of my life
if you send me chocolates,
candies and roses,
But if u can't, just a CALL
from U is enuff to make this
the best day ever!

U have no idea how much I love you!
But one day, when all's silent
U will find yourself alone
and U will know,
that no one can ever love you
the way I've always loved you!
Happy Valentine's Day!

As always my sweetheart
know that I love you~
night and day
365 days a year
60 seconds of every minute!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Text Valentine's Day

Another romantic round of Valentine's Day text messages for all the love birds out there.

True love is when
U feel the world only matters
when U R 2gether
Happy Valentine's Day!

Heaven is every second
I feel your LOVE
Heaven happens whenever
I say I Love You!

I don't care if Monday's black,
Tuesday Wednesday heart attack,
Thursday never looking back,
it's Friday I'm in love
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is CRAZY
Love is SWEET
U R however
& u make my heart
go WILD!

I know your game girl
U like 2 play hard 2 get
& break a Playaz swagger
I love you with all my heart!

Thanks for the Roses!
U just made my day,
my week, my month
my year! I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day Darling!