Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love SMS for Valentine's Day

Spread the Love SMS for Valentine's Day! Let your sweetheart know how special this day is!

If U love someone,
you'll make every day
feel like Valentine's Day!
So where are my roses,
my chocolates, my love letters,
and my kisses?

Give the world
the love & light of your heart
Some people are just too lonely
Valentine's Day!
but if U reach out
One does not need 2 feel alone
So please text me ASAP!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Make me a meal filled with LOVE
Make me a cake of your kisses
Thank you 4 making me
feel full of LOVE
on Valentine's Day! BURP!

Thank you honey
for making my life better
I miss U
& I would not let this day pass
without a KISS & a HUG!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Today would be the best
Valentine's of my life
if you send me chocolates,
candies and roses,
But if u can't, just a CALL
from U is enuff to make this
the best day ever!

U have no idea how much I love you!
But one day, when all's silent
U will find yourself alone
and U will know,
that no one can ever love you
the way I've always loved you!
Happy Valentine's Day!

As always my sweetheart
know that I love you~
night and day
365 days a year
60 seconds of every minute!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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