Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's Day text messages

Say it to your heart's content with these enchanting Happy Valentine's Day text messages!

Make this Valentine's
1 you'll never 4 get
go out with me
let's have dinner
a real mad romance


I wanna catch
ur heart of gold
and melt it
with my love
Happy Valentine's Day!


When 1 is in LOVE
nothing else matters
not even breathing,
or eating,
or singing,
or showering,

When 1 is in LOVE
what matters most is
kissing, hugging
dreaming with the one
U love all day long!
Happy Hearts Day!


'Tis the season of love
let me count the days
Feb 1 - snugging
Feb 2 - hugging
Feb 3- dating
Feb 4 - kissing
Feb 5 - romancing
Feb 6 - dancing
Feb 7 - honeydipping
Feb 8 - singing
Feb 9 - frolicking
Feb 10 - poking
Feb 11 - petting
Feb 12 - exploding with emotions
Feb 13 - dining
Feb 14 - loving U all day!
Happy Valentine's my sweetheart


I have met my match in YOU
U R D one and only
truly, madly, deeply
my first love,
my true original
Happy Valentine's Day!

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