Saturday, August 14, 2010

SMS Messages on Spending and Saving Money

SMS texts on saving and spending your money wisely. It pays to save for a rainy day, so remind someone today with a text message.

Successful people save
in better times so they have
a financial cushion
in times of recession


Not all Billionaires
live in excess,
some live frugally
as they find joy
in the art of saving
and not in spending


Revel in buyer's remorse
its a reminder to save
ur hard-earned paycheck
on worthwhile things
and worthy people;
Those who love you
not for ur wallet
but for ur heart.


The joy of spending money
in one go is shortlived;
impulse buying is
a false kind of happiness,
a kind of addiction,
of which self-control
and a new sense of self-worth
can cure.


Never feel Untouchable
no one is immune sickness
or emergencies, we are all
vulnerable 2 sudden
responsibilities so learn
2 save 4 a rainy day


All days R NOT the same.
Save 4 a rainy day. 
When U don't work,
savings will work 4 you. 

-M.K. Soni

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