Thursday, October 10, 2013

Text Messages to Send When Someone Just Died

So sorry for your loss, friend.
We send our love and prayers.
~ Your friends in San Bernardino

We miss Beth so much.
She was truly a fierce spirit
a passing of a giant in our lives
We are all glad to have known her

I can't imagine what you are going through
It was too soon and just way too sudden,
you will pull through this. God will give you strength

My friend she made it that far
because of your love and care,
She held on as long as she did
because of you and your strength.
Now you must stay strong
We keep you and your family
in our thoughts and prayers.

Just heard~ crying my damn eyes out
Stay strong. We all lost a good friend in Bill

Losing someone is never easy
Know that you will always have an angel
watching over you. We send our love and prayers.
Call me anytime if you need anything

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love Text Messages

Thinking of you
thru out the day
gives me great joy
I can't wait 2B w U
again, my love

loving u
is as easy as that
a hug, a smile
is all i need
2 feel ur love

be w me
2 watch the stars move
hug me close
and kiss under the moon lit night
i love u

i'd be that person
who wakes up
next to you,
who wakes u up
with kisses
and a good breakfast
i'd be that person
who can't wait 4 D
end of the day
just to be with U

leave ur mark
on my heart
like a brusie
that never heals
scar me with ur love
so i'd always
remember Us

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Text Messages

A giver, kind and true
no words can match your love
faith and devotion'
May today be perfect
May it be special
Because we love you

Happy Mother's Day!


Mama, Mommy, Nana, Inay
Mami, Okaasan, Mère, Mutter,
Muti, Madre, Mado, Uma
so many words to describe
the most beloved person in the world
I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!


On this very special day,
let's share this quote to everyone who loves their mom:
Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while,
but their hearts forever. 


I am my Mama's boy
and amma proud of it!
I don't care what my peers say
because I'm lucky to have my mama
who loves me for who I am,
and I am not an easy person to love
and only my mama can understand
How complicated I am.
If I ever find a girl, who will love me so true
may she be loving as my mama too.
- confessions of a Mama's boy. Happy Mother's Day!


This is the one time of the year
send her flowers and a trip to the spa
Be grateful, she loves you so
Not everyone has a Mama like her!
Happy Mother's Day!