Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thank You for your Condolences Text Messages

SMS Messages of gratitude and thanks to people who offered their Condolences during a family's time of bereavement.

We would like 2 send everyone
our heartfelt thanks.
2 my father's friends,
colleagues and our relatives.
Thank U 4 ur support
during this difficult time.
My father would have
really appreciate it!
Thank U 4 the love!


Dear Friend
Thank U for ur message
of hope and love
my mom's passing has been
terribly difficult
but we felt so much love
4 our family
thru the msgs, prayers
and flowers sent by
everyone who knew
and loved her. Thank you.


Now that my brother is
at peace and with the Lord
I wld like to thank U
4 being there with us
during the wake and
the funeral. Thank U
for remembering him
and sharing ur memories
of him with us.
It is something we will
never forget. God Bless


The Martin Family
would like to thank
everyone who sent
flowers, note cards,
prayers and messages
during our time of great loss
It is through YOU
kind-hearted, caring
and thoughtful people
that we are able to accept
our loss and celebrate
her wonderful memory.
God Bless You

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