Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SMS TXT: Christmas Txt Messages

SMS TXT: U Must Luv Me!

once again the spirit of xmas
is in the air & the holidays are on!
hope u don't forget in this xmas rush
of must-gives and must-haves
the only one you-must-truly LOVE!

Merry Xmas Sweetheart!


SMS TXT: Hold U Tight!

You are my guilty pleasure
my source of holiday cheer
if i hold u tight
wld u just might
kiss me closer dear!

Miss U! See u later!


SMS TXT: Overseas Txt Message

Miles apart we may be
our love will keep us closer
and will tide us over the holiday weather

Miss U much!
how about a Christmas kiss well-deserved?
pls text back


SMS TXT: Kinky Christmas Message

this text entitles u to a sweet kiss
under the mistletoe
text back & u get more tongue

Merry Kinky Xmas!


SMS TXT: Christmas Message to a Glutton

Go easy on the Christmas food
Go easy on the booze
Xmas is about sharing and giving
and not hoarding all the goods

Merry Xmas Dear!

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