Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day SMS Messages

Cupid is busy Texting his heart away with these Happy Valentine's Day SMS Messages. So share them with friends & sweethearts!
U R my shining star
D 1 I love always
U R Un4gettable
D 1 & Only Sweetheart
4 my Valentine!

Valentine's Day
is just around the corner
Hope I can drop by
& C U 4 a sweet sugary kiss!

Hello my Queen of Hearts
U deserve my full & utmost
attention, love & affection
this Valentine's Day.
So expect me early!
Love is not without
consequences or the possibility
of a broken heart, but I shall
risk everything just to feel
a second of ur precious love.

Hey Romeo,
Remember Juliet wears her
heart on her sleeve,
& that love is her poison
& a kiss her cure.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hearts should not be lonely
this Valentine's Day or
Cupid will go mad
Let's make it special
How about a dinner date?


U make my lips quiver
U make my heart aflutter
U set my loins on fire
U make everything worthwhile
Happy Valentine's Day my love!

Valentine's Day is a day 4 Love
among friends, lovers & family
All the world is happy
when love goes around
So share it & hug someone u love!

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