Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Text Messages

How to text your Mother?
Best Mother's Day SMS Texts to text to the most important woman in your life - your Mother.

Mama, Mommy, MeeMaw, Nana,
Nanay, Okāsan, Inay, Umma,
Maht, Mere, Mami, Mutti, Mum
all over the world,
U come in many names
but it all means one thing LOVE.
I love you Mommy! Happy Mother's Day!


Dear Mama
U R the greatest &
UR love is the greatest
I am so lucky I was born
to have U as my Mom
Happy Mother's Day!


No language can express
the power, beauty & heroism
of a mother's love.
-Edwin Chapin
Happy Mother's Day!


To Moms Everywhere:
The mother's heart
is the child's school
room. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Do remember on this special day!
“A hundred men may make
an encampment, but it takes
a woman to make a home.”
- Chinese proverb
Happy Mother's Day!


A man's work is from
sun 2 sun, but a mother's
work is never done.
~Author Unknown

UR the best MOM ever!
Happy Mother's Day!


“God could not be
everywhere, so he
created mothers.”
- Jewish Proverb

Love U so much Mom!

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