Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Decisions Text Messages

Text a friend regarding the life choices one has to take, help her make the best decision

Close the door,
change the record,
clean the house.
Stop being who U were,
become who U are


Look to the future
and do not look into
what has gone, or
what u have lost or
what u do not have
Happiness is accepting
who u are inside.
Success comes 2 those
who are ready for it.


I know u r facing
some major decisions right now,
U know what U should do,
shallow them like bitter pills
because they are good 4 U


All the best with the decision
U have 2 make, follow one’s heart,
it’s the great compass for the soul


The moment you surrender,
U face your fears,&
when U face your fears,
U gain control of your life.

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