Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get Well Soon Text Messages

Text someone to the the pink of health. Wish them to get well soon via SMS Messages 

I had no idea.
Not until this morning
Please get well
I miss you already
I will see u soon
God Bless!


It's such a sad experience
being in a hospital
I know how lonely and painful it is
I'll see you soon
& I'll bring your fave cookies
Miss U so much! Stay strong!


My heart dropped when I heard
how are you now? I only have
wellwishes and prayers 4 U
Please expect my visit tonight
I hope you are doing better


My heart broke
when I learned of the news,
I don't know what to say
But in my heart all I can think
about is you getting better
getting stronger
U will overcome this
Remember how much
we love you


I just became aware of this
& I am terribly sad
2 hear this news
You're in my thoughts
4 a positive outcome.


U are in my daily prayers.
God bless U
as U fight ur way back
Get Well Soon!

I send you my hugs,
I send you my kisses,
I hope U feel better
U need all the rest
I miss U so much

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