Monday, February 1, 2016

Good Morning Text Messages

Greet someone you love a good morning with these SMS messages:

People always ask how I start the day-
first thing I do is text you,
2nd I go out and break a sweat


Let go of your worries,
its a brand new day!
Good morning love!

Be happy for others,
even if they're not happy for you.
Be happy for yourself
because you deserve all the love ur getting
Enjoy a beautiful sunrise!


Wakey, wakey! sleepyhead!
Focus on what's important!
Starting your day right :)


Mornings are wisely spent
saying I Love You's
to the one who matters


If you were anywhere near me this morning,
I would probably go head over heels in love over breakfast.


Resetting the alarm.
New day, new tasks, fresh coffee,
eggs, bagels and YOU! Mornin' pretty!


Everything starts with a sunrise‬,
but it's what we do before
it sets that matter. Good mawnin!

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