Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year Texts

Here are some sample Happy New Year Text Messages:

Make way for the new,

embrace the sunrise with fresh dreams
2016 has broken though
Happy New Year friend!


New voyages up ahead,
we are all but sailors in this lifetime
may our journey be filled with love and success
This New Year I wish you all the luck in the world!


This 2016,
may you find your true love,
may you achieve all your goals,
may you find it in your heart to forgive,
may all your dreams come true in earnest,
and may you not forget all those who love you.
Be a better YOU this New Year.


2015 may not have been an easy year for you
but hey, we're all still here... breathing... living
Reconnect with people who love you, some are just
waiting to hear from you again. Remember you are loved
No need to wander around, feeling lost this 2016.
Happy New Year!


Embrace your dreams full force this 2016
Make big changes in your life - live more, love more
and thank those who have always been there
by raising a toast - Happy New Year friend!


May success and good luck come to you in abundance,
May happiness fill your heart with contentment
And may 2016 be more prosperous than the previous year
Cheers my friend! 

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