Friday, August 28, 2015

Bae Text Messages

i love you my sweet buttefly
i am over the moon w u
u r my sunshine,
u eyes the stars in the sky,
i am so lucky to have Bae


best to stop and smell the roses
best to stop and enjoy a kiss,
bae u so special
bae u got my heart real good
just got really warm butterflies
just thinkin' about u

Keep calm bae
don't u play dat jealous game
I love u


Bae be like funny,
jokes always on me,
no one else can make me laugh
this hard, so bad
just u my love


before anyone else.
BAE. that's u. let's be real


Bae send me more of those
hot snaps, bae ain't bae
without sending me chill pics
love u more each day!


bae is everything
why u gotta be cute all the time?
can't wait to drop this thang,
just 2 be wid u bae

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