Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friendship and Love SMS Text Messages

SMS messages you can send to your bestfriends. Text messages about love, fears, decisions, heartbreak and understanding

A friendship can weather most things
& thrive in thin soil but it needs
letters, phone calls & silly presents
every so often just to save it
from drying out completely.


Decisions R D hardest 2 make.
Esp when its a choice between
where yU SHOULD be and where you WANT 2 B


If U can’t handle my worst,
then U don’t deserve my best


i am building dreams,
learning lessons day 2 day;
thankful of 2 many blessings
and opportunities that come my way
I did not even ask for
God is so GOOD!


When someone leaves,
it's because someone else
is about to arrive

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