Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Are You Text Messages

Saying 'How are You?' to your friend via SMS can be easy with these text messages

Hey Friend ! How R U?
So good to hear from U
how is everything going?
God Bless

Thanks for the msgs!
Its good hearing from you!
How R U doing these days?


Hello Margaret
How are you?
What are you up to now?
Let me know
when U R coming
& I'll see if we can meet up.
Miss you!

Crissy heard ur in town!
We have a lot of catching
up 2 do. miss u too! take care ;)


How r yah?
let me know how Vegas works out 4 U.
say hi 2 ur sister f4 me. lotsa hugs


Hello! Howdy friend!
have u been getting me emails?
Hope ur okay


Just checking on U
How's it been?
lets have a few beers!

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