Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homesick Text Messages

Missing home so bad? all this homesickness eating you away? Let your loved ones know you miss them and you're in dire need of a call back :)

This city is turning
out 2 be a really cool place
2 relax & 2 work.
I think U will love it here
i feel so homesick now
because things would be
so much better
If I had u around


Night time feels
so much longer
in this side of the world
I feel so alone without U
all this homeseickness
is killing me inside
I look forward 2
being together again.


I miss ur
sweet baked goods,
ur warm home cooking
the scent of ur perfume
ur voice in my ear
before i fall asleep
i'm so homesick
for ur love.
i love you sweet!


I wallow in distractions
in this God forsaken city
its so hard being so far away
too homesick to care or bathe
or go on with my daily routines
wish u were here my love
i'm dying to be with you again

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