Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Text Messages for Love Ones

2011 has been wonderful,
got blessings that I may
or may not deserve.
Merry Christmas!
U R 1 of those gifts!

A lot of people don't get
2 spend Xmas the way they want
so just be thankful for what u have,
not what you're expecting to get.

A blessed Merry Christmas!
May U & ur family be filled
with God's love & grace

This Xmas,
may God continue
2 shower U with
abundant blessings
and good tidings!

Yes merry christmas y'all.
Be thankful for what U got
under the Xmas tree-
gifts, candies and new things
Spread the love!

I love Christmas
4 everyone I love is near
& D 1 I hold dear is just
around the corner
spreading the holiday cheer

Call me I wanna hear
ur voice so bad
U complete my Christmas
and makes the holidays
less sad, love U

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