Sunday, August 28, 2011

Success and Failure Text Messages

Having God on ur boat does not mean U will not face any storm, but it means that no storm can sink ur boat.

Success is D key 2 ur FAILURE, so don't give up! Failure is a challenge, God is always there 2 guide U.

A single hand that wipes ur tears during failures is much better than the countless hands that come 2gether to clap on ur success.

Look UP, never DOWN! Success is always about keeping afloat and ur head held high!

A thousand failures can never outdo the joy of 1 single success. So keep the faith! Never give up the fight!

Misfortune is but one of the bumps on the road 2wards Success. Push harder, seize the day, failure is just a flat tire that needs changing, so U can keep on moving!

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