Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Text Messages for Girlfriend

A boyfriend's text messages to his girlfriend

I want u 2 know
U rock my world!
Ur delish,
Ur delightful
Ur gorgeous
Am so lucky 2 have U


I've never been in love b4
until NOW
head over heels
crazy abt U
1 in a million
1 of a kind
ur truly fantastic
all the time!


I'll be famous one day
& when that day comes
U can always tell everyone
I was a great KISSER,
the ultimate LOVER,
a good LISTENER,
But for now
I'm just happy
2 be ur BOYFRIEND!


Hey hey hey
Its me ur 1 and only
I've gone and done it,
and now I'm back from outerspace
after I made all the stars spell
out your name in the night sky
Sleep well tonight


I know its pretty late
but I'm breaking up with YOU
and I just needed 2 let U know

Ha Gotcha!
I Love YOU!
Why would I ever let go
of the most beautiful
wonderful girl in the world :)


U look GREAT 2Day!
I wonder why?
Was it ur SMILE?
Have U lost weight?
R U in LOVE like ME?
With Me? Always?
Text me so, my love!

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