Sunday, December 19, 2010

The True Meaning of Christmas Text Messages

Spread the True Meaning of Christmas to friends and family via Text Messages and SMS

Let's all stay true
to the merry festivities
of the Christmas season
by sharing what we have
by giving more than we need
by reaching out with jolly cheer
That is the true meaning of Xmas!


Gifts and presents mean nothing
without the spirit of Christ
and His love in our hearts
Happy Holidays!


The joy of Christmas
year after year
is the love of family,
friends and all those
who believe in the Lord 
Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!


Blessed be God
Blessed be his Holy Name
Blessed be Jesus Christ
true God, true man, true Savior
He is the real meaning
of the Christmas season


A heartwarming welcome
this holidays from our family
Let's all join hands
in celebration of Christmas


Cuddle up by the fireplace,
keep your family warm with your love
keep them close
and hug them tight
Make your Christmas special 
with eggnogs and gifts
and may the brightest star of David
shine upon you.
Merry Xmas!


Make moments last
this yuletide, celebrate with
an overabundance of love
hope and Christmas cheer
and wish the New Year Coming
with everlasting joy!

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