Thursday, October 1, 2009

SMS Txting: When Fingers Go Crazy

Most teens indulge in gossip texting, and adults can't get enough of their blackberries between meetings. 90% of U.S. citizens own or have access to a mobile phone, 95% of cell phones have SMS capabilities. Everyone including grandma has gone mobile. For a number of reasons, besides the instant updates, txt messaging is fun without being intrusive. It gets the message asap even when the topic is too touchy, taboo, risque, crazy, insensitive, emotional, life-altering or simply important. Txt messaging allows us the opportunity to say what we feel without the awkward pauses. It gives us the courage to direct and frank.

But not without its repercussions, mobile msgs can be misconstrued because of TxtSpk (Textspeak) or misinterpretated simply because you do not know what the sender is really feeling, the downside of having no visual or facial cues to rely on (so remember, emoticons are important :)

SMS is our society's response to the Now. The constant need to say what's your mind and to instantly connect with other avenues of social media. Its inevitable and obiquituous.

Obiquituous as touchscreen technology, whose eveolution is in the cusp of being everywhere, the latest gadgets and everyday objects at home. The future is here, and it is definitely tactile and wired.

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